Area Meeting Appointments in 2018

WWESAM currently operates without a Clerk. Each AM in session is clerked by the host Local Meeting. Continuity is provided by a combination of oversight by the Trustees and a handover process from each AM to the next.

Trustees (members of AM Finance and Property Committee):

NameLocal Meeting
Jane Stephenson (Clerk)Bath
Angela Le GriceBradford on Avon
Debbie NightingaleChippenham
Robin BrookesDevizes
Maggie WilliamsFrome
Catherine Whybrow (Deputy)Frome
Chris Pollock (AM Treasurer)Trowbridge

Other Area Meeting Appointments:

Other AM appointments include:

  • Elders and Overseers for each Local Meeting
  • Registering Officer for Quaker Marriages
  • Advocate for Children and Young People
  • Safeguarding Coordinator
  • AM Correspondence Clerk
  • Collector of donations to Quaker work
  • Collector of data
  • Representatives on Meeting for Sufferings (National Quaker representative body)

If you would like to contact the current holder of any of these posts, please send an enquiry using the Contact Us form.

For Clerks of Local Meetings see the pages for each LM in the Our Quaker Meetings menu.