Safeguarding is a priority in our Area Meeting and its constituent Local Meetings. We are committed to creating safer places by following statutory guidelines on good working practice.

You can find our policy and procedures here:

The detailed safeguarding resources (SRs) that you may need in particular circumstances are listed below. Those which require details to be entered are also provided as Word documents for completing digitally if you prefer.

Please return to this web page and use its links whenever you need to find something. That way, you will always have the most up-to-date version of any document.

We want to make it easy for you to have a basic understanding of safeguarding and what we are committed to do. So, first look through SR1 The Basics – this section is for everyone.


  • SR0 List of Safeguarding Resources (a print version of the Contents)

The Basics

  • SR1a Safeguarding in West Wiltshire & East Somerset Area Meeting (a trifold leaflet)
  • SR1b Poster for display in meetings
  • SR1c Definitions and Signs of Abuse
  • SR1d Key Safeguarding Contacts

Safeguarding Responsibilities within Local and Area Meeting roles

  • SR2a Responsibilities of Safeguarding Coordinator and Deputies
  • SR2b Safeguarding Responsibilities of Trustees
  • SR2c Safeguarding Responsibilities of CYP Advocate
  • SR2d Safeguarding Responsibilities of Children's Meeting Volunteers
  • SR2e Safeguarding Responsibilities of Elders & Pastoral Friends
  • SR2f Safeguarding Responsibilities of LM Clerks
  • SR2g Safeguarding Responsibilities of DBS Verifiers
  • SR2h Safeguarding Responsibilities of Nominations Committee

Nominations Committee guidance and forms

Children’s Meetings and Activities

Acting on a concern

Learning and Training

  • SR6 Training guide & ThirtyoneEight

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

  • SR7 Explaining the DBS check and DBS update service

Keeping records

  • SR8 Storing & retaining records

Annual reporting